Free run for railways

In the trans-European traffic network, the Augsburg region GVZ freight village has an important role to play with its direct connection to the international railway network.

On the north-south axis, it connects with the northern seaports an with the new Alp Transit (NRLA) towards Switzerland, Milan, an Liguria in the south. Via Stuttgart and Paris, it provides access to the western seaports and also offers transport connections to Italy via the Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT) and to South-East Europe an the Adriatic seaports via the Tauern railway.

Railway access is facilitated thanks to an existing biomodal transshipment terminal for combined traffic. It has a capacity of 24,000 loading units per year and is located in Augsburg's Oberhausen district, some 4 km away. How to get from the GVZ to the Augsburg-Oberhausen terminal.



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